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How can our acquisition lawyer help you buy a small business

business acquisition attorney

Due Diligence Services

We make sure you're paying the right price for your business acquisition. We do a deep research on your target company, so you don't have any surprises after your business purchase.

Contracts and Business Purchase Agreements

From the Letter of Intent to the Purchase Agreement, our lawyers will handle all the required legal documents to buy a business.
lawyer to help buy a business

Legal help to buy a business

Our acquisition attorney assists you in your legal needs during the business sale or purchase, and makes the necessary arrangements for your business transaction.

Our M&A lawyers make buying a business easy

Smooth Transactions

Our business lawyer will guide you through the acquisition to ensure you have a quick and seamless deal.

Focus on what matters

We handle the tough part of buying or selling a business so you enjoy the benefits

Have zero legal worries

We do the proper settlements and work to minimize the risks of your business acquisition.

Our Mergers and Acquisitions attorney, Danya Shakfeh

Award-winning attorney

9 awards and a 5-star Google Rating support Danya's efficiency. She will ensure your business acquisition happens smoothly.

Over a decade of experience

Business purchase attorney Danya Shakfeh has saved hundreds of dollars from business owners in Illinois by helping them make the best decisions when buying or selling a business.

Why choose our lawyer to purchase a small business in Chicago

Fixed Charges

We will inform you of the final price for our services before you hire us.

We are responsive

We will keep you updated on your business acquisition and will never ghost you.

We make law simple

Our lawyers will explain every detail of your business transaction

Personalized Attention

Each legal service is done strategically, considering your business and personal goals. We will guide you thorughout the whole process of the corporate takeover.

How our transactional services work


2. Speak with an M&A attorney

We learn about your personal and professional goals and discuss your options.

Easily buy or sell a business

Once you hire the attorney, we will immediately handle your business transaction and keep you informed on its key details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a lawyer to buy a business?

When buying a business, we can find three common mistakes: 

  1. Failing to have financial advisors to determine the value of the business
  2. Failing to do due diligence, and
  3. Failing to create the proper safeguards in the purchase agreements.

Our M&A lawyers will help both buyers and business sellers to avoid legal conflicts and ensure all the parties from the transaction are satisfied. 

By conducting due diligence, the lawyer will ensure the documentation of the company is accurate and the business is free of liabilities.

During a merger or acquisition, the business purchase attorney will also review existing contracts and take care of any documentation that is necessary to ensure a smooth and seamless business transaction.  

How can the lawyer help me purchase a business?

  • Guiding buyers and sellers from beginning to end in the acquisition process and advising as to what other experts should be involved to make an informed decision, such as financial advisors, and other professionals.
  • Writing, reviewing, and negotiating a Letter of Intent properly 
  • Leading all the management teams that take part in the M&A transaction
  • Determining the risks of the business purchase by conducting Due Diligence and ensuring there are no irregularities
  • Based on the information gained by the due diligence, creating a Purchase Agreement that is going to guarantee the protection of the buyer.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance after the business transaction

What happens in the consultation?

In the consultation, we will listen to your current situation and discuss possible strategies for it. The commercial attorney will give you legal advice and let you know which tools you need to make the most out of your franchise opportunity while staying protected.

Why do I need to pay for a consultation?

Paying a consultation fee is the way our corporate law firm guarantees that you will receive the best service and expert legal guidance.

When you pay for your consultation, the transactional lawyer is able to allocate resources to provide you with the high-quality guidance your small business deserves.

What kind of businesses does the business law firm serve?

Motiva Business Law serves clients from all industries. This includes (but is not limited to): 

● Manufacturing
● Technology
● Restaurants and hospitality businesses
● Retail
● Construction
● Services